Please find Frequently Asked Questions below.

Why Italy?

We like wine and pizza.

Does the invitation extend to kiddos and doggos?

Although we love your little ones, please note our wedding ceremony and reception will be adult-only affairs.

What it the dress code?

The wedding day is semi formal – ties are optional. We would like everyone to be comfortable! Day two is come as you are.

What about plus ones?

Due to space constraints at our venue, we are regrettably unable to extend invitations for additional plus ones. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to celebrating with you!

Do you have a gift registry?

Celebrating with you on our wedding day is the greatest gift we could ask for! However, if you do wish to surprise us with a gift, a contribution towards our honeymoon would be most appreciated.

Have you arranged accommodation for us?

Yes we have – we have emailed you with your allocation. Please also visit the Accommodation page for further details. If you do not know where your accommodation is, please email [email protected]

I still have questions!

Please contact our wedding planners with any questions: [email protected]

Marghe: +39 349 007 1154 (whatsapp)

Franci: +39 247 823 2898 (whatsapp)